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New Hamburg residential district relies on SUNfarming solar roofs

In the past 1 ½ years, 36 newly built energy-efficient houses belonging to the developer BONAVA have been equipped with SUNfarming PV systems in the south of Hamburg.

The roofs of 8 single-family houses, 14 duplex-houses and 14 townhouses now provide regional, renewable electricity for the residents. As the plants deliver more than they consume, excess green electricity can be fed into the grid.
The Swedish word “bo” means living, and “nav” means center. BONAVA does not just want to build houses but create a home for the residents in a pleasant environment in which they feel comfortable. This includes a sustainable supply of renewable solar energy. 1016 SUNfarming quality modules bring a total capacity of 300 kWp. With the SF AS-295-60M black frame modules, BONAVA has opted for frameless modules that fit seamlessly into the overall architectural concept. Every year, a considerable 159,128.00 kg of CO2 are saved and thus make a contribution to the energy transition.

As was the case in the past, the costs of purchasing electricity are set to rise further.
Solar electricity is already the cheapest source of energy worldwide.

Benefits for BONAVA and its residents through SUNfarming photovoltaik on its own roof

o Partial own energy supply for approximately 10 cent/Kwh via unique SUNfarming quality assurance system
o Up to 20 years of cost security with your own solar electricity
o Immediate cost benefit through long-term fall in ancillary costs
o 100 % greener electricity
o Offensive marketing argument with the protection of fossil energy sources
o No additional or hidden costs
o High quality technology and installation
o Option on innovative SUNfarming electricity storage technology
o Security of supply, independence from energy suppliers abroad
o Own electricity from the roof for electromobility and your own vehicle fleet


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SUNfarming starts 2nd Crowdfunding

350,000 EUR in just 33 days were successfully invested during our first crowdfunding project “Sonnewalde”. In order to offer even more investors the opportunity to participate in the energy transition, SUNfarming has decided to start another crowdfunding. The new project, the “Rathenow” solar park, has the same success concept and offers the SUNfarmers who have not yet invested or want to continue investing, a new opportunity to do so. The Solarpark Rathenow in Brandenburg is a free field plant with a peak power of 2,2 MWp. The plant has been owned by SUNfarming since 2011 and produces about 2.2 million kWh of solar energy annually.

Overview Investment Conditions Solarpark Rathenow:
 Funding amount: 750,000 €
 Fixed yield: 4% p.a.
 Bonus yield yield: 0.5% p.a.
 Early booking discount: 0.5% p.a.
 Duration: 7 years

Long-term and profitable returns instead of low interest rates!
Your investment gives you a solid and profitable return on traditional fixed interest rates and can also be earned through a bonus interest and a return on our high quality assets. You get a fixed rate of return. 4% p. A. and an annual bonus of up to 0.5% p. A.
As investors, you benefit from the quality of the facilities. Thanks to high-quality panels from our own quality control system, which have been tested by TÜV, our solar plants generate excess profits above the planned values. This also applies to our 2.2 MWp plant in Rathenow, which has been feeding into the grid since 2011. SUNfarmer, who invest in the first 14 days from the start of the fund, by 23:59 h on 07.08.2017, receive a one-off interest bonus of 0.5% of the invested volume for the first financial year.

Become SUNfarmer – Invest in a secure running solar park!
A state-guaranteed EEG payment and the advantages of an existing solar system make your investment a safe investment. Through the purchase agreement with the energy suppliers, the solar park Rathenow supplies clearly calculable yields.

SUNfarming has a simple goal: to create value for the investor!
Investing in photovoltaics is an economically and ecologically sensible investment. The energy supply of the future will continue to consist of an energy mix in which there is no getting around renewable energies.
Convince yourself now at: Link to SUNfarming crowdfunding project Rathenow


SUNfarming at the Intersolar with a new booth

SUNfarming at the Intersolar with a new booth

SUNfarming at the Intersolar in Munich with a new booth and sustainable, trendsetting ideas.
Three successful day at the trade fair lie behind us. We realized less exhibitors than the last years, but a rising in quality of the exhibitors and visitors. SUNfarming seized the chance, not only to present their large range of business area to the audience, but also could we have ascertained business conversations regarding current and upcoming projects with customers and suppliers, as well as with banks and financing partners.

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Intersolar Europe 2015

Intersolar Europe 2015, from June 10. – 12. 2015, booth B2.270
In 2013 SUNfarming’s own plants achieved performance 5.3 % higher than forecast. In 2014 this rose to over 7.7 % additional performance.
Everyone ist talking about the energy transition, we are making it
You can see for yourself at our booth at the Intersolar, promised the SUNfarming team and management.

SUNfarming GmbH specialises in project development for capital investors and the realisation and active support of PV projects for commercial and private own electricity systems. With our experienced team of commercial staff, engineers and electrical engineers we have already successfully realised projects for 350 megawatts of capacity. Read more