SUNfarming employees collect for needy children

It is winter in Germany and everyone knows the moments: you want to start the new year with good intentions and that includes tidying up your wardrobes. The children have outgrown the winter clothes from last year, but the clothes are still in good condition, too good to throw away, but where to put them.

The SUNfarming employees spontaneously collected children's clothing and toys for families with little money. The response was overwhelming! More than 50 moving boxes with warm clothing, cuddly toys, shoes and toys for boys and girls from babies to teenagers were donated.
Especially in the time of COVID19, the number of children in need and their families is steadily increasing. Of the 13 million children who grow up in Germany, one in six is at risk of poverty. This emerges from a report on the living conditions of children in the Federal Republic, which the Federal Statistical Office has presented.
Edith Brasche, Vice President of FEED e.V., actively supported us in the search for a trustworthy, regionally active organization so that the donation actually arrives where it is needed. Our choice fell on the non-profit organization "Kleiderkammer Wilhelmsburg" from Hamburg.

Here you can find more information about the work of the Wilhelmsburg Chamber of Clothing (German)

F.E.E.D. e.V., whose Vice President is Ms. Brasche, is itself a non-profit association and implements development projects in South Africa. Here, too, the main target groups are school children and their families.

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