In 2019, the winner in the category "One World Cooperation" is SUNfarming! We are very happy about this special appreciation.

The statement at Eurosolar states: SUNfarming GmbH, nominated by our head office in Germany, was selected from a wide range of applications and nominations. Our jury chose SUNfarming for its holistic approach to combine the production of renewable energy and food.

Eurosolar annually honors role models and pioneers in the field of renewable energies. The prize, which has been awarded since 1994, is intended to honor the energy and inventiveness of local and regional players and to give new impulses for a regenerative and decentralized energy transition in Europe.

The award ceremony of the European Solar Prize 2019 took place on the 15th of November on the Belval Campus in Luxembourg. The Solar Prize will be awarded to cities, municipalities, architects, municipal and private companies, associations, organizations and cooperatives, journalists and citizens actively promoting renewable energies through their projects and initiatives. EUROSOLAR honors eight pioneering projects from six different countries.

Luxembourg Energy Minister Claude Turmes also attended the awards ceremony, as did Prof. Susanne Siebentritt from the University of Luxembourg, who presented the energy transition in Luxembourg in another segment.

In his welcome speech, Henri Kox, former Chairman of EUROSOLAR Luxembourg and newly appointed Luxembourg Housing Minister, said: "The energy transition is a huge challenge for our society. It can only be achieved if we pool our efforts and ideas, learn from each other and work together for change. Only in this way can we shape a sustainable future. I cordially invite you to seek inspiration from our Renewable Energy Pioneers."

Prof. Peter Droege, President of EUROSOLAR e.V., also underlined the importance of civic engagement for the energy revolution: "I am glad that today we have been able to honor people who are working on solutions for a local and regional energy transition. Whether church, industry or youth movement: all award winners have innovations in common that are practical and sustainable. They serve as trendsetting examples of renewable energies in Europe."

SUNfarming for a One world cooperation:
Combining the production of green electricity and food for and with local communities. Decentralisation and an unlimited supply are distinguishing features of renewables energies. The very nature of how renewables are produced predestines them to secure the energy demand in emerging economies, to strengthen local communities and to increase peoples’ independence from global markets and international fossil giants. The project developer and operator of photovoltaic plants SUNfarming shares our common goal towards 100% decentralized, renewable energies for all. It is cooperating with people in emerging economies to produce food and energy simultaneously and in a sustainable way. The SUNfarming programs consist of Food & Energy greenhouses and photovoltaic agriculture plants as well as educational Solar Training Centres, all of which are specifically designed for rural development.They combine training on food and green energy production and as a result create jobs and spread renewables. SUNfarming is cooperating with local educational institutions to offer not only their technology and expertise, but also sustainable education and a longlasting economic contribution. The SUNfarming Solar Training Centres in Peru, South Africa and Syria have already trained several hundred people in electrical engineering. Recently, SUNfarming has met the Albanian government for talks over opening a Solar Training Centre there. Renewable Energies have the potential to fight poverty, promote peace and create flourishing societies everywhere. With their Food & Energy programs, SUNfarming is cooperating successfully with local communities and takes part in creating sustainable economies worldwide.

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