Tomasz Ciszewicz


First energy cluster in Poland with participation of SUNfarming

First energy cluster in Poland with participation of SUNfarming

SUNfarming GmbH has initiated an energy cluster in Poland, which was founded in early 2018.

The mayor of Slublice, Tomasz Ciszewicz, has signed the first contracts for the establishment of so-called energy clusters for the municipalities of Slublice. With the founding of the cluster, PV plants and biogas plants with a total output of 15 megawatts can be planned for the region's own supply in the five partner municipalities. The energy cluster coordination will be carried out by the joint venture partner of SUNfarming, LEMA Finance sp.z.o.o.

About energy cluster

The simultaneous production of solar energy and biogas energy creates regional energy islands that are independent of the grid and at the same time can feed energy surpluses into the upstream grid.
Another advantage of starting a cluster is the co-ordination of electricity generation, distribution and trade, supply and demand for electricity and gas.

"Our plan is for our residents to benefit from renewable energy thanks to the cluster, which reduces CO2 as well as other types of pollution such as dust, dioxide, sulfur, oxidants, pollution directly and indirectly affecting our health," says Tomasz Ciszewicz, mayor of Słubice.

"We are pleased to have been able to win the Slubice Municipality for the Energy Cluster with us and our partners, especially as our Polish representative office with SUNfarming Polska sp.z.o.o. Also located in Slubice, just 80km or 1 hour from the headquarter near Berlin, "says Martin Tauschke, Managing Director of SUNfarming GmbH and SUNfarming Polska sp.z.o.o. firmly. "We are already planning other energy clusters, which are particularly supported by the policy in Warsaw," continues Martin Tauschke.