SUNfarming Solar Training Center Syria

This project was supported by the program "Klimapartnerchaften" in collaboration with DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft)

Project partners

Syria, Aleppo, "SUNSyr" Solar Training Center 2011/12

As part of the PPP project "Building a training center" for photovoltaics in Syria, we have set up training facilities at the AIC Aleppo Industrial City, the University of Aleppo and the Order of Syrian Engineers and Architects (OSEA).

Selected experts have been trained as knowledge multipliers on the basis of the implementation and use of solar energy for electricity generation, in order to be able to independently train solartists and to plan, install, operate and maintain photovoltaic systems

100 electrical engineers and installers were trained until shortly before the war broke out. As soon as the safety situation permits, SUNfarming will continue the training of PV specialists at the training center as soon as possible, making an important contribution to the energy supply of the population.