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The ongoing economic growth in South Africa has led to a steadily rising energy demand. Energy shortages can easily hinder economic development. The potential for solar energy through photovoltaic plants is of great importance for Africa.

Solar energy through PV provides sustainable energy and is at the same time a job creator.

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Project partners

In 2013/2014, DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH supported this project with funding from the program "Climate Partnerships with the Private Sector" of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

Our commitment does not end with the support. Through continuous training hundreds of participants in the pioneering field of solar energy can be trained year by year. Solar energy not only secures energy supply in resource-poor regions, but also creates sustainable jobs.


6 PV training facilities, installed by SUNfarming on the site of the NWU University, can be permanently used for practical PV trainings.

At the end of the project period 2014, the training (master training) at the training center is firmly integrated into the curricula of the NW University Potchefstroom. Specialists are trained in the long term and are able to plan, install, operate and maintain PV plants independently.

More than 2500 participants were successfully taught the basics of photovoltaics until 2019 at the Solar Training Center.

Project partners:

  • North-West University Potchefstroom
  • DEG, KfW, BMU

Due to the growing demand for solar trainings in South Africa and other African countries, SUNfarming has put together an expert team for the trainings and founded a new company in South Africa. SUNCYbernetics, together with the Solar Traning Center, is responsible for solar training. In cooperation with its project partner, North-West University Potchefstroom, SUNCYbernetics runs the Solar Training Center SA on the campus of North-West University. One of the goals is the creation of a sustainable transfer of knowledge by teaching both practical and theoretical knowledge about PV energy solutions. In addition to training, SUNCYbernetics is a PV consultancy and has been able to win Nicholaas Faure van Schalkwyk as an Energy Research Engineer & Trainer.

Dates for training, contact persons and project news can be found here:


Re-founding the SUNfarming Kenya

After South Africa and Namibia, we founded our third company in Africa. We are especially pleased that one of our directors in Kenya, Mr. Duncan Omondi, was a participant of our solar training in South Africa in 2015.