SUNfarming Food & Energy Concept

SUNfarming Food & Energy “5 in 1” integrated sustainable model

Energy, food, job creation, education and water management are the key elements integrated into the unique Food & Energy solution. Our model is applicable especially in under-developed or refugee areas in order to actively contribute to the sustainable improvement of the standard of living.

SUNfarming Food & Energy „5 in 1“

1. Energy Production

The sustainable energy produced by photovoltaic generators can be used for powering the components of the Food & Energy systems as well as supplying the local communities with power.

2. Food production

Vegetables, fruits and flowers can be produced in environments where crops are protected from extreme conditions of wind, rain, hail or sun.
SF quality controlled sales to retailers and SF shops.

3. Jobs

Up to 1000 new jobs, including 500 franchise partner, can be created among the local communities in 10 years per 1MW/2ha installed. Employees work in shifts to cultivate, maintain and harvest

4. Education

Skill development and training are essential to achieve SUNfarming goals. Through our Solar and Food & Energy Training Center, we aim to transfer technology and encourage research based on specific local conditions and needs.

5. Water Management

Our special drip irrigation is up to 90% more efficient compared to regular irrigation systems. Crops can be grown with minimum water consumption in areas where agriculture would be barely possible.

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