Good reasons for photovoltaics

Solar electricity is already the cheapest and safest source of energy worldwide. In contrast to fossil resources, the sun supplies almost inexhaustible amounts of energy and with a PV system everyone can contribute to securing energy supplies in the future.

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1. Photovoltaic modules:
generate direct current from the sun's rays

2. Inverter module:
transforms direct current into the alternating current required for the home

3. Controller:
controls the feeding-in of electricity hierarchically to:
• the house grid
• the battery
• the public electricity grid

4. Consumers:
in the household such as washing machines lighting and cooker are supplied with solar electricity, electricity stored in the battery or normal electricity from the grid, depending on availability

5. Battery storage system:
is charged via PV systems, releases stored electricity automatically into the house grid at night where required.

6. Bidirectional counter:
cumulates the electricity fed in by the solar unit and taken out by the grid

7. Public grid:
supplies electricity where required

Lower electricity costs with PV


Electricity from your own roof

  • You produce and consume your own electricity, thereby protecting the environment
  • Surplus electricity produced can be fed into the public grid and you receive a guaranteed feed-in rate over 20 years (EGG)
  • You become independent of rising electricity prices
  • You stabilise your ancillary costs over decades
  • 100 % green electricity, 100 % climate-neutral, 0% Co2 production
  • The state offers various subsidy options for private customers
  • Reasonable solar loans secure your financing in the long term


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Your contribution to environmental protection

Energy independence

The relevance of regenerative energy forms is increasing worldwide, as these offer a wide range of benefits:

  • fair and independent supply of all regions is possible
  • decentralised supply directly at the consumer, makes unattractive over-ground cables unnecessary
  • long-distance transportation and the subsequent loss of electricity is no longer required
  • no environment-harming extraction methods
  • an endless availability of energy that can also be used by our future generations
With your own photovoltaic system you also contribute to environmental protection and produce your own electricity. For example, with a 5kWp system you can cover the requirements of a family of four whilst at the same time preventing the emission of some 50,000 kg or 50t CO2 over 20 years, which would have been incurred with the production of the same amount of energy via fossil fuels.