Green energy + regional food + jobs + education + water management

SUNfarming has developed two unique concepts:

SUNfarming Food & Energy concepts provide jobs and education, food and energy and infrastructure where they are urgently needed. European technologies and through PPP partnerships with the industry, long-term and reliable management of the projects, ensure the investment. Sustainable solar energy and regional food are produced together - on the same area.

The SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Concept

With SUNfarming's "Food & Energy Training Concept", we are intensifying our efforts not only to provide environmentally-friendly energy security through solar PV, but at the same time offer our agro-solar technologies the opportunity to contribute to sustainable food supply and to combat unemployment and to help people in training. On site, SUNfarming Food & Energy facilities could uniquely contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of people in developing countries and crisis regions.

The SUNfarming Food & Energy Urban Concept

Structural development, renewable energies use SUNfarming

SUNfarming has developed the unique "Food & Energy Urban Concept": sustainable solar energy and regional food are produced together - on the same place. In addition to the solar power, vegetable, fruit or flowers can be grown regionally in new or already built special agro-solar food & energy greenhouses or in PV open spaces.

Another advantage:
With the SUNfarming direct electricity concept, we have been supplying green electricity from our own PV plants to local authorities, commercial and industrial companies for years and can offer a price saving of approx. 10% below the market price.

Food, Education, Energy, Development Programme (F.E.E.D. e.V.)
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While malnutrition is declining worlwide, it is increasing in Africa!
UNICEF Report 2019 discloses the urgent need for healthy food supplements. UNICEF further claims micronutrient deficiencies caused by inadequacies of vitamins and minerals in the food eaten as one of the main causes of weakened immunity, higher risk of death, impaired cognitive ability as well as reduced school and work performance.

Food, Education, Energy and Development (F.E.E.D.) Programme for Africa