Home Solar storage systems

If you still wish to benefit from your own electricity after the sun has gone down, install one of our storage systems and make yourself even more independent of rising electricity prices. The state supports your commitment and promotes storage systems with a subsidy to the acquisition costs.


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This is how it works:

During the daytime all of your electricity consuming appliances such as lighting, television and washing machine are supplied with electricity via your solar unit.
With an additional storage system the energy that you are not able to consume directly is stored in a battery.

  • At night you can supply your appliances from the storage system.
  • 100 % of economical own electricity
  • Sale of surplus electricity to the public grid
  • Automatic control via the intelligent SUNfarming storage system


Our storage system for optimisation of your own consumption

  • SUNfarming Home Solar storage system fits all SUNfarming system sizes, inverter modules and battery types
  • Up to 100 % own electricity use
  • More independence from rising electricity prices
  • Long-lasting and high-performance thanks to optimal tailoring of components
  • Simple installation, including with retrofitting
  • Other regenerative energy units such as small wind turbines, hydro or combined heat and power plants can also be integrated
  • Simple retrofitting
The Sunny Home Manager, the energy manager in the storage system, ensures that the Sunny Island 06 charges and discharges the SUNfarming battery automatically. Only when the battery is completely charged and no consumer in the household requires electricity is electricity fed into the public grid via the PV inverter module. This means that the majority of the own electricity generated can be consumed directly on site and transmission losses avoided. With the Sunny Remote Control you can programme and motor your solar unit.

All technical details can be found in our data sheets:

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Please refer to SUNfarming data sheets under downloads