* with 225 MW SUNfarming own systems


Our commitment does not end with support. SUNfarming pursues its projects sustainably and at its own expense, enabling hundreds of participants to train in the pioneering solar energy sector year for year.

SUNfarming Food & Energy

Training + Jobs + food production + energy security + water management

Food und Energy

Sunfarming Food & Energy Training Concept

Our goal is to work in partnership with local partners and universities in your country, in the realization and operation of "SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Projects". The concept offers a number of highly interesting opportunities for development policy.

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Food und Energy

Food und Energy

SUNfarming Food & Energy Urban Concept

Technological knowledge and the available resources in the water, energy and nutrition sectors must be used sustainably in order to create an environmentally and climate-friendly development in cities and municipalities.
SUNfarming has developed the unique "Food & Energy Urban Concept": Sustainable solar energy and regional food are produced together - on the same area.

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Food und Energy

Food und Energy


Renewable Electricity + Mobility + Food Production + Education + Jobs
The opening of this unique new concept was on 10th December 2018.
The aim of the Bahamas Hybrid Center is to demonstrate the topics SUNfarming Food & Energy, Electromobility and bioltec Fuel Efficiency Management (Renewable Fuels) in an alliance with 700 Islands Energy to create the conditions for developing an economic model.


SUNfarming Solar Training Center, Peru

SUNfarming Solar Training Center, Peru
Opened in 2015, more than 100 electrical engineering instructors and interested persons were taught to this day.

Food und Energy

South Africa

SUNfarming Solar Training Center, South Africa

Opened in 2013, more than 2000 trainees have been taught to this day.

Food und Energy


SUNfarming Solar Training Center, Syria

100 electrical engineers and installers were trained until shortly before the war broke out.



-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-

Beyond the statutory requirements, SUNfarming voluntarily commits itself to sustainable development and responsible commercial actions.
Leaving a clean environment and affordable energy to our children and grandchildren is our duty.

SUNfarming feels an obligation to observe this responsibility. We are convinced that with every newly-installed photovoltaic system we come a step closer to the goal of renewable energies as the source of energy supply.
Solar energy not only secures energy supplies in regions with few resources, it also creates sustainable, skilled jobs. With the knowledge and experienced gained from 20 years in green energy we aim to help to make our world more sustainable.

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Honorary positions


BRM Bundesverband für Regenerative Mobilität, Berlin

The long-term goal of the regenerative mobility association BRM is to achieve a 100 % share of renewable energies in overall German primary energy consumption. To achieve this goal the technology-based promotion of mobility in all fields of renewable energies is supported. Existing framework conditions are being improved to enable the creation and marketing of biogenically and regeneratively created fuels.

Peter Schrum
Company Founder and Primary Shareholder of SUNfarming GmbH

Has been working since 2002 as Honorary Association President of the BRM (formerly BBK). Until 2009 Peter Schrum was an honorary member of the board of Eurosolar.

Martin Tauschke
Managing Partner of SUNfarming GmbH

Has been working since 2002 as Honorary Managing Director of the BRM.

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We support associations in the region

  • To start with new energy into the season
    With an the outstanding flow of energy the VfL Handball Club started into the new season. And now the energy is renewable: The SUNfarming GmbH, for more than 10 years successful in the field of renewable energies, is the new sponsor of the VfL Potsdam for the upcoming two seasons. Right on cue for the first home game the Potsdamer Eagles could present their new pants.
    Martin Tauschke, Manager and Co-Founder of SUNfarming located in Erkner near Berlin, shows his commitment to local involvement: "The SUNfarming GmbH has a long-standing relation to sports in Potsdam. As a Potsdamer and former sportsmen in canoeing, regional sponsoring has a special importance for me. My relationship to handball comes from my common time together with Alexander Haase and Björn Rupprecht in the school-team.

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  • SUNfarming supports various associations and is the main sponsor of the handball team De Düwels, together with SG Pahlhude/Tellingstedt
  • The youth canoe club Jugend-Kanuclub Potsdam/Berlin receives financial and logistical support from SUNfarming

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  • We provide financial support to Förderverein Handball SV Grünheide”

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