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Everyone is talking about the energy transition
- we are doing it

SUNfarming GmbH

is a company of the ALENSYS Group (ALENSYS Alternative Energiesystem AG). Founded as a quality assurer, co-operative purchasing association and planning company of BBK (Bundesverband Biogene & Regenerative Kraft- und Treibstoffe e.V., now BRM Bundesverband Regenerative Mobilität) in 2004, SUNfarming GmbH covers the entire project development and EPC value chain (engineering, procurement, construction): starting with the planning, development and financing through construction to monitoring and maintenance of solar parks and related concepts such as agro-photovoltaics (Food & Energy) and e-mobility. The company has a customer structure that has grown over many years and consists of capital investors, municipalities, users of commercial and private self-powered systems as well as sister companies of the Schrum-Tauschke corporate family that invest in solar systems. The international team of experienced commercial staff, engineers and technicians has already successfully realized a more than 600 MWp. SUNfarming takes over the technical management for over 320 MWp in Germany and abroad.
Leaving a clean environment to our children and grandchildren is our duty. The employees and shareholders of SUNfarming feel an obligation to observe this responsibility. We are convinced that with every newly-installed photovoltaic system we come a small step closer to the goal of renewable energies as the source of energy supply.

Everyone is talking about the energy transition - we are doing it.


Martin Tauschke

Manager and Co-Founder

Peter Schrum

Company Founder and Primary Shareholder

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