Last Friday, 19th of January, Peter Schrum, Chairman of SUNfarming, had the honour of giving a seminar at the SRH Berlin (Berlin University of Applied Sciences).

The event was aimed at 90 Master's students from the private university and their professors and teaching staff to familiarise them with the mission of SUNfarming Agri-Solar and to generate international project ideas and export orders.
This guest lecture informed the students about the potential of agrivoltaics in Germany and also looked at the modern solutions that SUNfarming offers in this area.The presentation provided a comprehensive overview of our company, and the numerous questions from students and professors were answered with pleasure.

The great interest shown by the students led to a lively discussion. We not only presented the current status of agrivoltaics, but also provided insights into the concepts we have developed and our experiences from research projects. In addition, we discussed opportunities for internships and student traineeships were discussed and suggestions for scientific collaborative projects.
SUNfarming plans to extend these successful guest lectures to other universities to attract even more students and institutions to the exciting world of agrivoltaics.

Many thanks to Professor Romero and Mr Chougule for the excellent organisation of the event. We appreciate the opportunity to work with SRH Berlin and look forward to future projects.

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