SUNfarming Agri-Solar in Turkey

The SUNfarming Agri-Solar system is also recognised internationally for its innovative approach to dual land use.

Here is a video in Arabic with English subtitles, clearly explained in informative pictures. The combination of sheep farming, herb and vegetable cultivation together with solar energy production on the same land is a sustainable and efficient use of resources. Such integrated approaches help to optimise the use of agricultural land and produce clean energy at the same time.


Successful guest lecture at the SRH Berlin by the Chairman of SUNfarming

Last Friday, 19th of January, Peter Schrum, Chairman of SUNfarming, had the honour of giving a seminar at the SRH Berlin (Berlin University of Applied Sciences).

The event was aimed at 90 Master's students from the private university and their professors and teaching staff to familiarise them with the mission of SUNfarming Agri-Solar and to generate international project ideas and export orders.
This guest lecture informed the students about the potential of agrivoltaics in Germany and also looked at the modern solutions that SUNfarming offers in this area.The presentation provided a comprehensive overview of our company, and the numerous questions from students and professors were answered with pleasure.

The great interest shown by the students led to a lively discussion. We not only presented the current status of agrivoltaics, but also provided insights into the concepts we have developed and our experiences from research projects. In addition, we discussed opportunities for internships and student traineeships were discussed and suggestions for scientific collaborative projects.
SUNfarming plans to extend these successful guest lectures to other universities to attract even more students and institutions to the exciting world of agrivoltaics.

Many thanks to Professor Romero and Mr Chougule for the excellent organisation of the event. We appreciate the opportunity to work with SRH Berlin and look forward to future projects.


Real Agri-PV with SUNfarming Umbrellas

SUNfarming Umbrellas presented at the North German Fruit Growing Days 14 and 15 February in Estebrügge

Cherry, apple, pear under Agri-PV for yield security, securing agricultural status, additional rental income

Protecting special crops such as fruit and wine from excessive sunlight, rain, hail, frost and bird damage while generating renewable energy and attractive rental income - find out more at our stand and visit our specially developed Agri-PV systems in Estebrügge.

Arrange a personal consultation appointment at our stand now:, phone +49 3362 8859200

The North German Fruit Growing Days are a renowned platform for the exchange of expertise and innovations in fruit growing.
The exhibition area covers 7,000 square metres of outdoor space and 6,000 square metres of tent space.


Photovoltaics on moorland sites – SUNfarming presents pilot plant

SUNfarming presents pilot plant at Hof Hanken, Elsfleth. More than 60 interested farmers, representatives of local authorities, planners and members of various associations interested in the expansion of renewable energies on agricultural land accepted the invitation of the Grünlandzentrum Niedersachsen/ Bremen e.V. from Ovelgönne to a lecture event on the topic of PV on agricultural land in the Innovative Landwirtschaft Ostfriesland (ILO) project on 25 October.

Under the moderation of Simon Schoon, Project Manager of the Grassland Centre Lower Saxony/Bremen e.V., SUNfarming Managing Director Edith Brasche presented the SUNfarming Agri and Moor PV concepts and solutions for the sustainable agricultural use of grassland and moorland. Helmut Wahl, energy technology consultant at the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture, provided information on the legal and tax framework for agri-PV compared to traditional ground-mounted PV systems. Questions relating to the realisation and approval of corresponding agri-PV and moorland PV solutions were discussed during the open discussion round. During the subsequent visit to Hof Hanken in Elsfleth, farmer Dirk Hanken reported on how well the SUNfarming moorland PV pilot system had been received by his cattle on the moorland grazing area. It is particularly noticeable that the sward under the modules is completely covered with grass.

Lena Weber and Dr Dina Hamidi from the University of Göttingen presented initial scientific findings from animal husbandry under agri-PV on peatland. In the concluding survey, many of the interested visitors stated that they would like to develop specific agri-PV or peatland PV projects on their land and enquired about lease payments and participation models for specific projects from SUNfarming Managing Director Edith Brasche and Project Manager Lower Saxony Thomas Reimers.

All interested parties are also cordially invited to SUNfarming's research and development centre in Rathenow near Berlin, Am Heidefeld 13, where the company will be presenting all types of agri- and peatland PV with crop cultivation and animal husbandry in detail. For appointment enquiries, please contact e.brasche(at)


Successful Agri-Photovoltaic Information Event in Friedland

Last Wednesday, 12 April, a seminar was held in Friedland by SUNfarming on the topic: "Agri-Solar on grassland, set-aside and moorland".

More than 25 farmers and various personalities from the region came together to get first-hand information about the latest developments in the field of Agri-Photovoltaics, dual use of agricultural land and moor PV solutions.
Managing Director of Friedländer Landhandels- und Dienste GmbH Mr Jürgen Ströde warmly welcomed the guests to the lecture event. Founder and main shareholder of the SUNfarming Group Mr. Peter Schrum introduced the topic and handed over to BRM President/Managing Director of Project Development at SUNfarming Edith Brasche.
After the seminar, there was a Q&A session where the many exciting questions were clarified.
At the end of the event, the audience was able to visit an Agri-PV pilot plant that SUNfarming has installed on site.
We would like to thank the visitors for their great interest and participation in the event.


Huge demand for SUNfarming Agri-PV solutions at Eurotier

The world's leading trade fair for professional animal husbandry and livestock management as well as the leading trade fair for decentralised energies, Energy Decentral, took place in Hanover from 15 to 18 November. SUNfarming was present in the Energy Decentral area with a large stand and showed its latest Agri-PV animal welfare system as well as the SUNfarming "Umbrella", which was specially developed for use on apple, pear and cherry orchards and in viticulture.

Several thousand farmers from Germany, but also from countries such as Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and the USA - came to the SUNfarming stand to find out about Agri-PV solutions for both animals and special crops. More than 1,000 hectares of potential Agri-Solar areas were included in the early SUNfarming planning in Germany.

For more than 10 years, SUNfarming has been developing Agri-PV solutions with glass-glass modules and rainwater distribution system under the modules with its own engineers and has been researching them for many years in different developing countries of the world under extreme climatic conditions as well as with different types of plants. Due to the climate changes as well as the energy crisis in Germany, farmers from all over Germany and neighbouring countries were very interested in the SUNfarming solutions. They were particularly enthusiastic about the well thought-out solution for keeping animals on pastures protected by Agri-PV all year round.

Due to the rainwater separation and the semi-transparent modules, which allow approx. 15 % light to pass through, plant growth is ensured under the modules, CO2 remains in the soil due to the areal moisture distribution. The agricultural status of the land is maintained with SUNfarming Agri-PV. As a partner of the farmer, SUNfarming places particular emphasis on the agricultural concept, which is developed together with the farmer and his agricultural advisor. SUNfarming Agri-PV is ideally suited for areas with low soil points as well as arable land for special crops (fruit/vegetables) and for animal welfare-oriented livestock farming, as well as for moorland that is to be re-wetted.