Eco- and Agri-Solar Parks

Dual-use concept of energy production and sustainable cultivation

SUNfarming Double-Use Concepts for Eco and Agri-Solar
Animal welfare concepts, berries, herbs and special crops: the diversity of agricultural use is great!


"Our animal welfare facilities are ideally suited for suckler cow husbandry. We are already putting this into practice at our animal and plant production centre in Rathenow."

SUNfarming Agri-Solar

SUNfarming Agri-Solar is available in different heights. They can be driven under with small tractors without and partly with cab. Attachments with a working width of 3 m are very usable

SUNfarming Eco-Solar

The SUNfarming Eco-Solar concept offers added value in terms of biodiversity and promotes greater biodiversity among the modules through vegetation with flowering seeds and grasses as well as maintenance through extensive sheep grazing.

SUNfarming Öko-Solar

Benefits for biodiversity


Creation of new habitats

  • Extensive permanent grassland
  • Increase in insect abundance
  • Pollination for agriculture
  • Food for breeding birds

Recovery of soils

  • No fertilisers
  • Humus formation
  • Erosion prevention
  • CO₂-binding


Öko-Solar Schafbeweidung

SUNfarming Agri-Solar

The SUNfarming Agri-Solar concept offers an ideal weather protection and foil tunnel replacement. The agricultural use with approvable construction heights includes fruit & vegetables, herbs, flowers as well as cultivation of special crops & berry fruits (e.g. strawberries, raspberries, blueberries).

SUNfarming Agri-Solar

According to new DIN for Agri-Solar

SUNfarming Agri-Solar

SUNfarming Agri-Solar

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