Solar energy is the most economical and secure source of energy for the future, worldwide.
Leaving a clean environment and affordable energy to our children and grandchildren is our duty. 
SUNfarming feels an obligation to observe this responsibility. We are convinced that with every newly-installed photovoltaic system we come a step closer to the goal of renewable energies as the source of energy supply. 
With a solar energy system you can produce your own electricity at a cost of around 11 cents per kWh. Surplus power can be fed in to the grid.
 A SUNfarming PV system is secure and economically worthwhile.


Greentec Award 2018: We are among the TOP 3!

We are very excited!
Our project “SUNfarming Food & Energy” was selected by an independent jury of experts among the TOP 3 finalists in the category Sustainable Development.
Since its founding in 2008, the GreenTec Awards have become the world’s most important environmental award. Together with more than 120 partners, they offer large and small companies the international stage to present the best projects for environmental protection.

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SUNfarming and our operating project partner North-West University say “Thank you”!

SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Project

And the winner is: SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Project!
For the first time, SUNfarming has applied for an Intersolar Award, the greater the jubilation was to win the Award in the category “Outstanding Solar Projects”. The jury was impressed by the global development potential as well as the great social benefits, including the creation of new jobs.

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The unique quality assurance system

SUNfarming has developed a unique quality assurance system for banks and investors from the experience gained in PV projects totalling over 500 MW. Only economically resilient PV module factories equipped with German or European manufacturing lines are included in our supply chain. In addition to certification by the TÜV Rheinland technical inspection authority, SUNfarming quality assurance experts also carry out unannounced inspections of module factories and monitor the production of all technical components in accordance with an especially strict system. On the construction site SUNfarming undertakes planning supervision of the installation companies, up to and including monitoring. 
In 2014 SUNfarming’s own plants achieved performance 7.7 % higher than forecast. In 2015 this rose to over 9.7 % additional performance.

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