SUNfarming Africa, part of the SUNfarming Group, won two renowned awards at the Solar Week Mauritius 2024.

The 200 kWp Agrisolar Training Centre in Gros Cailloux, Mauritius, was recognized in the following categories:
1. Best Solar Project of the Year: Agrivoltaics
2. Outstanding Service Innovation in Solar: EPC

The awards were presented by Mr Beemadoo, CEO of the Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA), to SUNfarming Africa Project Manager, Chetan Jankee (pictured right) & SUNfarming Africa Agronomist, Jeevesh Sewdee (pictured left).

Project Overview

The Agrisolar Research and Training Centre was commissioned in July 2023 under the National Scheme for Emerging/Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies (NSEIRET). This program, initiated by the Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency in collaboration with the Central Electricity Board (CEB), the Economic Development Board (EDB), and the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC), promotes innovations in renewable energy sources.

Significance and future prospects

The plant serves as a research and training platform in cooperation with local partners. During the installation phase, 60 students from the University of Mauritius and the Université des Mascareignes were trained.

SUNfarming's agrivoltaic system in Mauritius is an innovative solution that integrates energy production with food production and promotes local capacities and economic development. It supports local self-sufficiency and optimises land use by simultaneously enabling large-scale solar projects.

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