SUNfarming participated successfully in the EnergyDecentral Expo 2021

SUNfarming together with the Forschungszentrum Jülich had a virtual stand. More than 200 visitors from different parts of the world, took a look to our brochures and had virtual meetings with the staff of SUNfarming.

Because of the current situation this expo had its first edition in a digital format.

The EnergyDecentral is a trade fair, that normally takes place in Hanover. It is the leading trade fair for decentralized energy supply. The exhibition also focuses on the areas of biogenic solid fuels, wind power and smart energy. The trade fair is complemented by a top-class specialist program, which, in addition to a multi-day conference, and numerous specialist forums.
The core target group of EnergyDecentral Expo Hanover are operators of systems for energy generation, the municipal economy and the food industry. Due to its proximity to the agricultural sector and the EuroTier taking place at the same time, EnergyDecentral is also aimed at companies from professional agriculture.

Mr. Holger Schoenherr, Head of International Projects in SUNfarming GmbH and Dr. Matthias Meier from Forschungszentrum Jülich presented the conference “Agriculture and Research in Agri-Photovoltaic Systems”. Where the outstanding results of our SUNfarming Food & Energy training centers were shown, as well as the new development and research that the two institutions are doing together. The conference was attended by an international audience of more than 40 participants.


We would like to invite you to EnergyDecentral

to EuroTier - the world's leading trade fair for animal production and to EnergyDecentral - the international trade fair for innovative energy supply -
which will take place for the first time in a digital version from February 9 to 12, 2021.

As a visitor, "EuroTier/EnergyDecentral digital" offers you an extensive technical programme and attractive opportunities for networking.

Visit us in our digital showroom on our company profile and make an appointment with us.
Please contact us to get a free ticket

We look forward to your participation!

Link to EnergyDecentral


A success story: Solar-Training-Center South Africa

More than 3000 trainees have successfully completed our training courses at the Solar Training Center in Potchefstroom / South Africa since it opened in 2013. To show what the trainees think of the overall performance of our SUNfarming South Africa and SUNCYbernetic team, here are some original voices from the online training in November 2020:

-I had a wonderful lifetime experience , as a not so technically person I truly have to say @Faure van Schalkwyk you are a super teacher / facilitator...@Anelda you are fantastic administrator. Thank you guys for a super experience and everyone whom I met , never was made to feel like I was less qualified thank you guys . I pray we all succeed in our future endeavors and may our paths meet again as we grow in the industry.. God bless you all Gentleman. Even me as a technical person really learned a lot.
-Thank you to all and for everything Faure and Anelda. You are legends.
-Yes. Thank you all. Learned an awful lot. Laughed and worried. You are very wise men with many years of knowledge and experience. Thank you Anelda for all your hard work and Faure. I will come and do it with you again anytime. It was awfully nice
-Best online Presenters i have experience - kept once attention at all times
-They have given us a good content and very easy to grasp. They interacted with everyone well
-They are all prepared and professional
-Very impressed with the presenters' ability to stimulate participation. Kudos to the team for the video training setup which I think is quite effective.
- is always a pleasure to attend SSEG courses. Faure, Dr Botha and Josh are fantastic and is professional

You can find out more about the Solar Training Center here


SUNfarming Vitality Porridge and Trainings for Africa

The project started in September 2020 and immediately brought desperately needed relief. Within 8 weeks 2.347,600 million servings of Vitality Porridge were distributed. 3.800 participants were trained in self-sufficiency. So far, over 20 schools with over 23,000 students and a minimum of 60,000 family members have taken part in the project. Up to 3.800 people who have become unemployed have been trained in the training program. The project offers the 60 best candidates (possible future entrepreneurs) further training on the agricultural property provided by SUNfarming in Potchefstroom.

"None of us can do that much
like we all can do together "
With this in mind, we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a hopeful start to the new year. Health, happiness and good luck - combined with our sincere thanks for your trust!

With festive greetings
Your SUNfarming team


SUNfarming has so far collected 7.50 million euros with a coporate bond

Successful 2020 with approx. 50 MW installed capacity in Germany and abroad. When it was listed on the stock exchange, it was 5.75 million euros, the bond has now raised 7.5 million euros.

The funds received are intended for additional project development and pre-financing exclusively for German solar projects.

Martin Tauschke, CEO of SUNfarming GmbH: “We are very happy about the trust that investors have in us. Especially in view of the current capital market environment, we are extremely satisfied with the fact that we were able to already successfully place around 75% of the total volume. This result speaks very clearly for our company, our strategy and the undisputed growth market of renewable energies. "
Despite the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, SUNfarming expects 2020 to be a successful year with around 50 MWp of completed projects in Germany and abroad.
For the first half of 2021, the project pipeline already comprises more than 30 MW.

More information can be found here (in German)

(Photo, from left to right: Karsten Balzer, SUNfarming authorized signatory, Martin Tauschke, CEO of SUNfarming GmbH)


SUNfarming is planning a 500 MW agro-solar park in Brandenburg

The following article is a translation and was published on December 4th, 2020 in the Spreejournal Fürstenwalde, Bettina Winkler)

Steinhöfel relies on the sun

Five farmers from the Odervorland office are providing areas for a photovoltaic park, which is to become one of the largest in Brandenburg.
Farmers in the region have been concerned for years and are fighting to keep their farms going. Due to climate change, the amount of precipitation has almost halved in the last 30 years and the productivity of the soil is declining more and more.
The Sunfarming GmbH from Erkner is now promising farmers from the Steinhöfel community income independent of traditional agriculture. Double-use photovoltaic systems are to be built on low-yield soils. Means: On the one hand, solar energy is generated by the higher-placed modules. On the other hand, the areas below can still be used for agriculture.

Trees shield systems
The aim is to create a climate park that is spread over several areas. The systems should stand outside the field of vision and be shielded by hedges or rows of trees. The operator expects a total output of over 500 megawatts. This would make the future project one of the largest in Brandenburg. The community representatives are aware of the importance of the project and see a great opportunity for rural areas. They unanimously decided to initiate the necessary changes to the development plan and the land use plan in the individual districts. “The project is a huge opportunity for our company. We have long been looking for land use that is independent of the weather and offers financial security, ”says Benjamin Meise, Managing Director of Fürstenwalder Agrarprodukte GmbH. "Many farmers are up to their necks". Benjamin Meise has already selected abandoned or low-yield areas for the climate park.

Set-aside areas or low-yield soils are built on with modules.

The OderSpree district farmers' association also takes the view that photovoltaic systems belong on roofs, commercial and special buildings as well as conversion areas. For free-field systems, primarily non-agricultural areas are to be used. "In the case of agro-photovoltaic systems, on the other hand, the areas used for agriculture are not lost and can continue to be cultivated," says district manager Dr. Karsten Lorenz. In his opinion, the planned system in Steinhöfel should therefore be seen more as a pilot system in which several farmers have come together to test the new type of management using photovoltaics on very low-yield locations in terms of economy and profitability.
For Sunfarming from Erkner, the solar park on the planned scale is a pilot project.