The willingness to donate to our FEED project continues in 2024 and we are delighted to have raised a further 68,000 euros. Additional donations have already been announced.

With these funds, the non-profit organisation in South Africa will be able to expand its school feeding projects in kindergartens and schools and develop regional training programmes for women in sustainable agriculture.

Edith Brasche from FEED explains: 'We have seen the positive impact we can have on the ground. Our aim is to create new jobs and income in agriculture beyond self-sufficiency. After the training courses, we enable participants to grow food and energy free of charge under the SUNfarming Food & Energy facilities. The sale of surplus vegetables and medicinal herbs helps the former trainees to set up successful small businesses in the long term. The donations take us a big step forward in providing sustainable support to the participants over three years."

"Experience our projects up close! Take a look at our videos:

1. healthy school meals - 'together we care' (3min.):

Would you or your company like to get involved in sustainable development aid in South Africa? Support our organisation Food, Education, Energy & Development e.V. and help children against malnutrition and women on their way to self-sufficiency and agricultural entrepreneurship.

You can find all information at or contact our Vice President Edith Brasche personally."

"F.E.E.D. - Together for a better future "

Food, Education, Energy & Development e.V. (F.E.E.D.) was founded in 2020 by Peter Schrum to make a sustainable contribution as a non-profit organisation. Based in Hamburg, F.E.E.D. not only combats malnutrition, but also promotes awareness of healthy eating and imparts knowledge about ecologically sustainable agriculture. Our aim is to enable people in need to become self-sufficient, create jobs and promote the establishment of their own businesses.

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