F.E.E.D. projects in Africa

Food, Education, Energy and Development for Africa

Aid programmes for Africa funded by foreign donators are mostly focusing on the treatment of malnutrition and on the fight against hunger rather than on prevention, the development of consciousness about the importance of healthy, well-balanced food, certified instruction programmes and the creation of jobs for the local people. F.E.E.D. e.V. aims at stopping this vicious circle. The donations F.E.E.D. e.V. receives are directly invested in the following main projects:

  • the non-profit production of vitality porridge produced in Africa by local partners who have been trained in the sustainable and resource saving production of vegetables and medicinal herbs.
  • the distribution of vitality porridge in local schools as school meals in order to strengthen the immune system of the children.
  • the training of the teachers on the food and energy production plants in order to enable them to integrate the information on the importance of healthy and well-balanced food in their lessons.
  • the development of certified trainings and academic courses in cooperation with local universities in order to develop jobs and career perspectives for local people in relevant business fields like renewable energies, e-mobility, sustainable agriculture and the sustainable management of resources.
  • The first projects have started successfully but further financial support is needed.

making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren

F.E.E.D.’s holistic approach to support the combination of production of renewable energy and immune system strengthening food together with education, training and the creation of jobs is unique and bases on the experiences F.E.E.D.’s initiator Peter Schrum made with SUNfarming in Africa the last years.

SF Food & Energy Training Centre South Africa


  • Within the past 5 years SUNfarming opened up Food & Energy plants and
    training centres in five different African countries combining high development
    potential, social responsibility and the creation of new jobs.
  • The outstanding solar projects of SUNfarming were awarded with several international awards.
  • In 2019 SUNfarming started their first food relief programme by producing 10 tons equivalent 200.000 meals of pre-cooked porridge within one week.
  • They were shipped by truck to Mozambique after cyclone Idai had left a major humanitarian crisis in Mozambique.
  • In 2020 Peter Schrum initiated the foundation of the non-profit association F.E.E.D. e.V. in Germany and the non-profit organisation F.E.E.D. South Africa who are now calling for donations to support and finance the assocation’s non-profit projects.

For further projects your help is needed


Power for the immune system to protect lives and energize for a healthy future

  • The SUNfarming Food & Energy research unit at NWU in Potchefstroom has researched the cultivation of medicinal herbs such as sweet wormwood, artemisia annua, ginger, turmeric and coriander.
  • These herbs have proven to be beneficial in a natural way to boost the human immune system.
  • With the sun dryer SUNfarming is able to dry the medicinal herbs and mix them with the basic porridge ingredients such as whole grain maize and whole soy beans in order to produce medicinal potions.
  • In combination with the school meal programmes F.E.E.D. e.V. finances the training of school teachers at the SUNfarming Food and Energy plant in Potchefstroom thus enabling them to integrate the essential information on how important healthy food is and how it can be produced sustainably in their teaching lessons.
  • The costs of the training as well as the production and distribution of the immune system strengthening school meals shall be covered by the donations given to F.E.E.D. e.V.
    Please support F.E.E.D. e.V. with your kind donations now!

F.E.E.D. programmes and projects in AFRICA

What we do:

  • F.E.E.D. e.V. strongly cares for people. We help people in urgent need pragmatically and sustainably.
  • The precooked vitality porridge F.E.E.D. e.V. is financing in the school meal programmes covers the vitamin and mineral requirements of the children and strengthens their immune system as proven by independent laboratories.
  • Mixed with some water or milk the portions are ready to eat.
  • We pack and deliver the portions to our distribution partners in the schools.
  • Production and distribution are monitored by independent institutions i.e. NGOs and official bodies.
  • The portions are distributed directly to the school children in school.
  • Teachers are being trained in the Potchefstroom plant or other places in Africa in order to enable them to integrate the essential information on healthy food in their lessons so that children learn how important healthy food is for their future life and how it can be produced locally.
  • Your support will be invested directly into healthy food supplements and teachers’ training – no overhead costs, no waste of time!

What could be your contribution:

  • With the help of your donations F.E.E.D. e.V. finances the packaging and distribution of the vitality porridge in local schools. Production and distribution are organized by local NGOs and monitored by official bodies.
  • You would make sure people could be fed for longer periods.
  • Your help will be invested directly into healthy food supplements – no overhead costs, no waist of time.



Your contribution and participation will be communicated in multiple ways!

  • Your logo on each portion of porridge, size depending on the amount of donation
  • Marketing exclusivity depending on the amount of your donation
  • Press releases in Germany and South Africa via the SUNfarming media as well as other channels
  • Video or social media coverage on Youtube and Facebook – production and release to be negotiated and defined
  • Long-term support projects can also be defined and are very welcome!

For more information please contact the Food, Education, Energy and development (F.E.E.D.) team:


FEED is a non-profit association registered in Hamburg, Germany

Phone +49 (0) 40 607 713 190