F.E.E.D. projects in Africa

Food, Education, Energy and Development for Africa

Aid programmes for Africa funded by foreign donators are mostly focusing on the treatment of malnutrition and on the fight against hunger rather than on prevention, the development of consciousness about the importance of healthy, well-balanced food, certified instruction programmes and the creation of jobs for the local people. F.E.E.D. e.V. aims at stopping this vicious circle. The donations F.E.E.D. e.V. receives are directly invested in the following main projects:

  • the non-profit production of vitality porridge produced in Africa by local partners who have been trained in the sustainable and resource saving production of vegetables and medicinal herbs.
  • the distribution of vitality porridge in local schools as school meals in order to strengthen the immune system of the children.
  • the training of the teachers on the food and energy production plants in order to enable them to integrate the information on the importance of healthy and well-balanced food in their lessons.
  • the development of certified trainings and academic courses in cooperation with local universities in order to develop jobs and career perspectives for local people in relevant business fields like renewable energies, e-mobility, sustainable agriculture and the sustainable management of resources.

making the world a better place for our children and grandchildren

F.E.E.D.’s holistic approach to support the combination of production of renewable energy and immune system strengthening food together with education, training and the creation of jobs is unique and bases on the experiences F.E.E.D.’s initiator Peter Schrum made with SUNfarming in Africa the last years.

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