In 2024, our subsidiary in South Africa continues its successful training and hands-on workshops. Not only in South Africa, but also in other African countries, our expertise is in demand.

Nicolaas Faure van Schalkwyk, Lead Trainer and Energy Research Engineer, presents the highlights of the activities in March and April in his monthly report.

Key highlights activities for March 2024:
1. Bloemfontein PV Green Card training (4-8 March 2024).
2. Co-hosted Regional Distributed Generation Training with SEA Team (6-8 March 2024).
3. Compiled, submitted and been awarded the Regional Distributed Generation Training project for the next two years.
4. Presented at Jhb Solar & Storage Future show.
5. Finalised SEA training report.
6. Hosted online webinar with SEGEN solar on key changes of the NRS 097-2-1 (almost 100 people attended).
7. Initiated Mediclinic Site visit (Almost 20 sites to be visited and reported on by end of April).
8. Assisted with AC and MV design and procurement for Harpington farm. (Ongoing)
9. Attended workshop on national solar PV standard. (Ongoing)
10. Multiple workshops to resolve sign off requirements for solar PV in South Africa. (Ongoing)

Key activities for April 2024:

1. Conclude all solar PV inspections for Mediclinic and compile and review reports by end of April.
1. Been awarded 4 x Solar PV inspections at Limpopo Schools, to be concluded within a week.
2. Preparation and hosting of Municipal SEA Training in Pretoria.
3. SEA Bi-annual Progress Report
4. Preparation for Regional DG
5. Finalising and applying for SAPVIA PV Green Card training & Accreditation in Bloemfontein (Need to do the same for Potch, Jhb and George)

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