FEED in 2022: Vitality Porridge for 100,000 children and their parents

Food, Education, Energy & Development e.V. helps children and women in South Africa to grow food sustainably and teaches them to value water and recycling

In the second year after the foundation of the non-profit organisation FEED in Hamburg as well as its sister NGO FEED South Africa NPC in South Africa, the organisation has expanded and developed its sustainable projects: The fight against malnutrition of children in schools and kindergartens is still very much in the foreground. To this end, the SUNfarming Food & Energy facility in Potchefstroom in the North-West Province of South Africa trains children in the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and also medicinal herbs, which in turn are mixed into a Vitality Porridge to offer the children a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals that supports healthy development and provides energy for active participation in school lessons.

In 2022 alone, FEED has been able to provide balanced nutrition to 15,327 children at 38 schools and nurseries and 83,000 family members within a 200km radius of Potchefstroom through funds raised by private donors and integrated into the DEG project led by SUNfarming. .

After two years, the school headmasters confirm a significantly increased presence of the children in class as well as more active cooperation of the children and thus better school results. Together with the partners, FEED has thus been able to create the basis for many children to receive a good basic education at school and a strong foundation for their further educational and hopefully professional path.
Furthermore, within the framework of new training measures in sustainable agriculture for socially weak people and inhabitants of the townships around Potchefstroom, 30 women in particular were newly trained and accompanied by FEED. These women live in remote regions, mostly without a job or other income, with their families and often several children. The gardening training introduces them to the cultivation of food for their own consumption, with the aim of gradually training them to become farmers who can earn money together as cooperatives by selling their products.

In total, FEED and the DEG project provided sustainable support to 674 women in 2022.

The FEED Team Germany and South Africa would like to thank all donors for supporting these important and holistic development aid projects. Please continue to support us!FEED


F.E.E.D. wins another sponsor for “Healthy School Meals” and the education of women in South Africa

At the end of 2021, F.E.E.D. Senior Vice-President Edith Brasche signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with AURUBIS AG, Hamburg, for the FEED "Healthy School Meals" programmes in South Africa and for the training of women in sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship.

With these funds, the non-profit association in South Africa can include more kindergartens and schools in the urgently needed "school lunch" project and further expand its sustainable development aid regionally.
"We have seen what we can create with and for the local people," explains Edith Brasche from FEED. "Our goal is to go beyond self-sufficiency to create new jobs and income for local people in agriculture and vegetable and medicinal herb cultivation by offering them the opportunity to grow under the SUNfarming Food & Energy facilities free of charge after the trainings. When selling the surplus of vegetables and medicinal herbs, we support the former trainees so that they can build up a successful small business in the long run. The sponsoring of AURUBIS AG will bring us a big step forward and promote a sustainable support of the trainees over three years", says Edith Brasche.

In addition to local projects in the countries where it operates, Aurubis has also been involved at an international level since 2019. After projects in Peru and Chile, Aurubis has also been supporting the non-profit association F.E.E.D. in South Africa, more precisely in the Potchefstroom region, for the first time since 2021.
Stefanie Klein, Social Engagement Aurubis AG, explains why: "We are pleased to be able to support F.E.E.D., a project that combats malnutrition, provides training in sustainable, ecological food cultivation and promotes the use of resource-saving technologies. The important approach of helping people to help themselves is in the foreground here, because targeted knowledge transfer enables the people in the project to participate in society - and ultimately it contributes to the further development of an entire region. For these reasons, this holistic project is an excellent fit for us and our focus areas."

FEED has so far been able to distribute 7.57 million servings of "Vitality Porridge" to 24,000 school and kindergarten children and 100,000 family members as part of its cooperation with SUNfarming in DEG's COVID-19 Response Programme in 2021. More than 1,000 township residents, many of them women, were trained in sustainable agriculture in the agri trainings and new community or school gardens were planted every week, which are now used to feed the population and the children in the schools and kindergartens in the long term.
You can find out more about FEED at www.feed-ev.de.


FEED sustainable development projects more important than ever in South Africa

Vitality Porridge in the fight against malnutrition and diseases, agri-trainings to produce healthy food themselves and create jobs

FEED President Peter Schrum and Vice President Edith Brasche visited FEED projects in the Potchefstroom region in November and met other new partners to expand sustainable development aid in the Potchefstroom region and beyond.For more information, visit FEED.


SUNfarming COVID-19 Response Programme for South Africa

During the two-year project period (2021/22), 28.8 million servings of Vitality Porridge will be distributed to over 10,000 school children and 50,000 family members, 40 school gardens will be created and more than 1,260 unemployed people will receive training on how to become self-employed.

"To date, we have trained 685 potential new gardeners in the SF Community Entrepreneur training programme. We have created new school gardens on a total area of about 4000 m². From our first trainings at BA Saobi Secondary School in Ikageng, spinach is already being harvested and used in the school kitchen," enthuses Melanie Jooste, Team Leader SUNfarming South Africa.
In addition, during the project period 2021/2022, 28.8 million servings of high-quality, healthy Vitality Porridge developed by SUNfarming will be delivered to more than 40 schools over a period of 18 months through the SF Vitality Porridge food aid programme. It will be distributed to 10,000 school children and 50,000 relatives.
The SUNfarming DeveloPPP project is supported in its organisation by the June & Andrew Mlangeni Foundation, the non-profit association F.E.E.D. (Food-Energy-Education-Development e.V.) Hamburg and the F.E.E.D. NGO South Africa. (The German non-profit association FEED and its sister organisation in South Africa are additionally collecting donations from international donors, companies and foundations in order to further expand the urgently needed and sustainable development aid in South Africa in addition to the DEG project.


Healthy vegetables from your own garden -doesn’t sound spectacular, but it is!

Townships of South Africa have among the highest unemployment figures, and children have deficiency symptoms due to an inadequate supply of vitamins and minerals. COVID-19 has exacerbated people's economically already very bad situation even further. Here we started our SUNfarming Vitality Porridge project 6 weeks ago.

More information can be found here

Equipped with a starter kit for their own vegetable gardens (watering can, soil, bucket, vegetable plants), our first trainees left our training 4 weeks ago with a certificate proofing they had successfully attended the training in vegetable growing and healthy nutrition.
This week we visited them at home to see whether what they had learned could also be implemented at home - and we are thrilled! All of them have created a small vegetable garden, built a fence, the plants are strong and, thanks to good care, grow into healthy vegetables.
Our project shows that with the help to help themselves, and with our trainings, we have given people in the townships of South Africa hope that everyone can contribute something to improve their own living conditions. Parents can be a role model for their children, children learn that it pays to be proactive and how important a healthy diet is.
Pictures often say more than words:

The trainings are part of the SUNfarming Vitality Porridge Project in South Africa. The SUNfarming CoVID-19 Response project is funded by develoPPP funds from the German Ministry for Economic cooperation and Development through KfW / DEG. The project is supported by June & Andrew Mlangeni Foundation and F.E.E.D. (Food-Energy-Education-Development e.V.), which support SUNfarming in the implementation.