SUNCYbernetics solar training for Afrika

In 2024, our subsidiary in South Africa continues its successful training and hands-on workshops. Not only in South Africa, but also in other African countries, our expertise is in demand.

Nicolaas Faure van Schalkwyk, Lead Trainer and Energy Research Engineer, presents the highlights of the activities in March and April in his monthly report.

Key highlights activities for March 2024:
1. Bloemfontein PV Green Card training (4-8 March 2024).
2. Co-hosted Regional Distributed Generation Training with SEA Team (6-8 March 2024).
3. Compiled, submitted and been awarded the Regional Distributed Generation Training project for the next two years.
4. Presented at Jhb Solar & Storage Future show.
5. Finalised SEA training report.
6. Hosted online webinar with SEGEN solar on key changes of the NRS 097-2-1 (almost 100 people attended).
7. Initiated Mediclinic Site visit (Almost 20 sites to be visited and reported on by end of April).
8. Assisted with AC and MV design and procurement for Harpington farm. (Ongoing)
9. Attended workshop on national solar PV standard. (Ongoing)
10. Multiple workshops to resolve sign off requirements for solar PV in South Africa. (Ongoing)

Key activities for April 2024:

1. Conclude all solar PV inspections for Mediclinic and compile and review reports by end of April.
1. Been awarded 4 x Solar PV inspections at Limpopo Schools, to be concluded within a week.
2. Preparation and hosting of Municipal SEA Training in Pretoria.
3. SEA Bi-annual Progress Report
4. Preparation for Regional DG
5. Finalising and applying for SAPVIA PV Green Card training & Accreditation in Bloemfontein (Need to do the same for Potch, Jhb and George)


SUNfarming Solar Training Centre South Africa

Suncybernetics Pty Ltd (Solar Training Centre), daughter company for Sunfarming, formed part of an intergovernmental event between South Africa and Netherlands.

The ministry of education and the King and Queen of the royal family of the Netherlands engaged our team and other stakeholders, in a workshop which discussed the just energy transition to green energy and it challenges in South Africa.

Nicolaas Faure van Schalkwyk, Manager of the Solar Training Centre, highlighted the importance of how practical up to date industry experience, needs to form part of the training curriculum and experience. "Education institutions are too slow and not dynamic enough to adapt their qualifications to the fast-changing environment in the renewable energy sector. Training providers in collaboration with international industry experience from SUNFarming and technology service providers like Brainstud, can reach more people and assist with making people more employable with micro courses, skills programmes and part qualifications. South Africa has elevated levels of unemployment, but there is also a need for experienced solar PV installers. Something which we in partnership with Johan Schaap from
Brainstud try to achieve"


Training at Solar Training Center

We can help you become a solar PV expert!

The SUNfarming/Alensys Solar Training Center South Africa is now in operation since more than 5 years and was realised within a PPP Public Private Partnership program supported by the German DEG/KfW. The most important partner is the North-West University in Potchefstroom.

The SUNfarming Solar Food & Energy Training Centre, already in the 3rd year of operation after completion of the Public Private Partnership, offers training opportunities for students, electricians, teachers from high schools as well as start-up companies and municipal representatives from different regions and departments in South Africa. The training centre, continuously in further expansion for more training opportunities, is in full time operation and delivers fresh vegetables to the North West University Campus, a food store in Potchefstroom (Pick&Pay) as well as several catering service companies.
All SF bio food products with grade A quality are supplied to the prime quality customer Pick&Pay, all secondary quality products are directly marketed by the local SUNfarming trainees and employees in the township locations of Potchefstroom. With this, the employees earn some extra money and thus become small entrepreneurs, partially with own employers already.

The training facility was transferred to our expert skills transfer company SUNCybernetics PTY LTD (SUNCy), under the lead of North West University doctoral student Faure van Schalkwyk. This training company is exclusively used for know-how and skills transfer in the fields of solar technology and food production, operating on a cost covering, non-profit base to ensure constant high quality trainings.
After 6 years of experience, we can confirm the effectiveness of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) with its cooperative structures like DEG/KfW, and German Medium Size Companies, like SUNfarming and Alensys, for a continuous education and training program, as long as the PPP investment is kept in the hand of the German Medium Size Company.

More than 1,000 training sessions have been held so far at the SF Solar Training Center and SF Food & Energy Training Center for participants from across Africa.

Please see our first Solar Training Center marketing video and what participants say:
Newest marketing video Solar Training Center South Africa