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33.5 MW solar parks of the SUNfarming group completed in Poland and Germany

20 MW solar plants in Kosciercyna and the surrounding area as well as 13.5 MW solar plant in Brandenburg realised DC-side.
SUNfarming has installed over 62,000 PV modules in these innovative solar parks.

With a construction time of only 3 months from the first spade table to completion, 20 MW solar plant in Poland was successfully completed DC-side in June. In total, the plants save about 7,400 tonnes of CO2.

"We are pleased to contribute to the clean energy supply with 20 more megawatt PV plants in Poland. The professional and intensive cooperation of all parties involved has made this possible," explains Martin Tauschke, Managing Director of SUNfarming GmbH as well as SUNfarming Polska sp.z.o.o..

Photovoltaics is becoming more and more important among the renewable energy sources in Poland, as it is the cheapest energy that can be generated with existing technologies. In addition, the use of fallow land and land with low soil quality conserves agricultural arable land.
Kosciercyna is an urban municipality in the Woidwodschaft Pomerania in Poland and the independent rural municipality of Kosciercyna with 24,000 inhabitants.

SUNfarming has also built another 13.5 MW in Germany.The PV plant generates green electricity that will supply regional businesses. In total, the plant saves about 5,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

"We are pleased that, together with our long-standing partners, we can continue to make our contribution to renewable energy supply in Germany and the expansion of biodiversity with classic EEG plants in addition to our main focus of agri-solar plants in Germany," explains Thies Schrum, member of the management board of SUNfarming.


443.000 kg CO2-savings per year

443.000 kg CO2-savings per year

Another SUNfarming solar park was successfully completed in November in Roggentin in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. With a total output of 750 kWp, it supplies clean, green electricity for more than 240 households. The CO2 savings of the solar park in Roggentin amount to considerable 443.305 kg / year.

Asked: How much CO2 does a car produce?
Again and again there is talk of the climate killer CO2. The invisible gas is partly responsible for the warming of the climate and transforms our planet into a greenhouse. But although much is discussed, many of us have no feeling for it. How much carbon dioxide - or CO2 for short - does your car produce?
A concrete example: You drive a mid-range car, consumption: 8l / 100km; the tank volume is 55 liters. Since gasoline is lighter than water, this results in about 40 kilograms of gasoline per refueling process. This gas is burned in the engine. In the process, the carbon in the gasoline combines with the oxygen from the air, resulting in CO2.
One kilo of gasoline, which consists essentially of carbon, thus leads to over 3 kilograms of CO2 in the combustion! Thus, there is much more carbon dioxide than the gas weighs. With every tankful of fuel, our car produces about 150 kilos of CO2 (exactly: 144.6 kg) and after just under 9 x full tanks we have produced as much CO2 while driving as our car weighs! With an annual mileage of 12,000 kilometers per year, we blow up twice the weight of our car on average in the air! Even more with super-powered sports cars. Each year.
The CO2 savings of the solar park in Roggentin amount to 443,305 kg / year, as many as 165 cars emit in the example per year.


SUNfarming builds another 11 MW in Friedland

SUNfarming builds another 11 MW in Friedland

SUNfarming builds another 11 MW in Friedland, making it the largest producer of electricity in the region Friedland

11 megawatt solar park at three more locations in Friedland are since March 2016 connected to the grid.
As already several times in recent years, the trustful cooperation of SUNfarming with DKB also allowed the financing of these solar parks.Through our unique quality assurance system, we are a reliable partner for banks and investors.
"As production partners for our SUNfarming quality modules we chose Aleo Solar, producing in Prenzlau and Astronergy, producing in Frankfurt/Oder. Only economically strong PV module factories with automated production lines are added to the supply chain of SUNfarming.
Prior to delivery all modules are regularly tested at the factory by our SUNfarming quality managers, in collaboration with external testing institutes such as the PI Berlin, in a particularly strict quality control, "said Martin Tauschke, CEO of SUNfarming.
"We have successfully realized five solar parks with 22 MW, making SUNfarming the largest electricity producer in the region Friedland".


Home Solar park investors SUNfarming has added 5 solar parks with a total capacity of 35 MW to the grid in the United Kingdom, within the deadline of 31/03/2015!

SUNfarming has added 5 solar parks with a total capacity of 35 MW to the grid in the United Kingdom, within the deadline of 31/03/2015!

Together with our British partner, Ethical Power ltd., we succeeded, in the record time of 4 months, in completing 5 solar parks, including transformers and grid connection, by 31/03 of this year. One of the solar parks was the largest SUNfarming project to date, with 12 MW of installed capacity. The park is situated in the south west of England, near Exeter.

The 6.5 MW Parkview project is a project developed wholly by SUNfarming UK. from the search for a site to grid requests and building approval. Read more