SUNfarming opened 3.2 MW Solarpark Mühlenbeck

SUNfarming opened 3.2 MW Solarpark Mühlenbeck

Another SUNfarming solar park was successfully completed in Mühlenbeck in the Oberhavel region.
"Mühlenbeck" is a solar park of superlatives: on an area of 55,000 m² on the former landfill, 12,048 solar modules of the type SUNfarming SF-AT235-60P with 260 and 265 Wp power were installed. The SUNfarming quality modules and inverters used are all "Made in Germany". The energy produced in this way of 3,229,800 kWh can supply 1,000 2-person households with clean solar power in the year. In addition, SUNfarming is contributing around 1,937.511 kg of CO2 emissions this year, which corresponds to the output of approximately 750 medium-class cars.
Up to 50 fitters and technicians have carried out a "small miracle" and rammed up to 5000 posts, sometimes up to 1.20 m deep, into the ground, 516 "tables" and the modules were mounted.
SUNfarming invests 3.5 million euros from planning to completion of the plant. The leasing contract for the landfill site is over 20 years with an extension option of 5 years.
„Thanks to the good cooperation of politics, management and the executive companies the solar park could be established in record time“, said Managing Director Martin Tauschke. This excellent teamwork was also necessary, since plants of this size will no longer be possible from 2017, according to lawmakers. The upper limit will then be 0.75 MW. 3 days before Christmas 2016 the building permission was granted.
For the building authority manager Hans-Werner Labitzki the use of the landfill site is a sensible and sustainable after-use, valuable agricultural areas are spared. Furthermore, the safety fence built around the solar system prevents the possibility that wild boars could exploit old rubbish, as happened in the past.
Mayor Fillipo Smaldino-Stattaus is also pleased with the completion of the plant:
"The municipality's trade tax revenues are rising and the municipality is saving the costs of securing and maintaining the area. Again, a puzzle piece has been found on the way to the green community of Mühlenbecker Land ".


SUNfarming starts 2nd Crowdfunding

350,000 EUR in just 33 days were successfully invested during our first crowdfunding project "Sonnewalde". In order to offer even more investors the opportunity to participate in the energy transition, SUNfarming has decided to start another crowdfunding. The new project, the "Rathenow" solar park, has the same success concept and offers the SUNfarmers who have not yet invested or want to continue investing, a new opportunity to do so. The Solarpark Rathenow in Brandenburg is a free field plant with a peak power of 2,2 MWp. The plant has been owned by SUNfarming since 2011 and produces about 2.2 million kWh of solar energy annually.

Overview Investment Conditions Solarpark Rathenow:
 Funding amount: 750,000 €
 Fixed yield: 4% p.a.
 Bonus yield yield: 0.5% p.a.
 Early booking discount: 0.5% p.a.
 Duration: 7 years

Long-term and profitable returns instead of low interest rates!
Your investment gives you a solid and profitable return on traditional fixed interest rates and can also be earned through a bonus interest and a return on our high quality assets. You get a fixed rate of return. 4% p. A. and an annual bonus of up to 0.5% p. A.
As investors, you benefit from the quality of the facilities. Thanks to high-quality panels from our own quality control system, which have been tested by TÜV, our solar plants generate excess profits above the planned values. This also applies to our 2.2 MWp plant in Rathenow, which has been feeding into the grid since 2011. SUNfarmer, who invest in the first 14 days from the start of the fund, by 23:59 h on 07.08.2017, receive a one-off interest bonus of 0.5% of the invested volume for the first financial year.

Become SUNfarmer - Invest in a secure running solar park!
A state-guaranteed EEG payment and the advantages of an existing solar system make your investment a safe investment. Through the purchase agreement with the energy suppliers, the solar park Rathenow supplies clearly calculable yields.

SUNfarming has a simple goal: to create value for the investor!
Investing in photovoltaics is an economically and ecologically sensible investment. The energy supply of the future will continue to consist of an energy mix in which there is no getting around renewable energies.
Convince yourself now at: Link to SUNfarming crowdfunding project Rathenow