SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Centre in South Africa

SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Centre in South Africa

(PPProject Alensys AG, supported by the KfW/DEG on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development). For the first time the SUNfarming Food & Energy training concept was realized by our partner company ALENSYS with the support of KfW DEG.

Food & Energy Project provides jobs and education, food and energy and infrastructure where they are currently needed. European technologies and through PPP partnership with industry, long-term reliable management of systems, secure investments.

Delegations from all over Africa visited the SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Centre in South Africa.

On our delegation day on the 03rd of May 2016, enthusiastic professors, politicians and businessmen from all over Africa, f. e. Kenya, Botswana, Ghana and Zambia, have visited the SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Centre on the Campus of the North-West University Potchefstroom in South Africa.

The SUNfarming Food & Energy project shows the unique chance of cooperation about the land borders away. All delegates showed big interest in the possibility of a partnership of your university in this unique project.
Prof. Frik van Niekerk, Vice President of the North-West University, stressed the wish of his university to want to serve as a nucleus for the fair knowledge exchange between the involved universities. Master students of all African countries are educated in the Food & Energy train-the-trainer courses in Potchefstroom by Alensys and SUNfarming specialists. This knowledge the new Master Trainer can pass in their country. First Expressions of Interest have been successfully signed.

In resource poor areas or in conflict areas people from the region are trained to foremen /women in particular food cultivation in Food & Energy plants. The income situation of people is greatly improved.

For the first time this concept was realized as a training project by our partner company ALENSYS with the support of KfW DEG. The SUNfarming Food & Energy concept has a number of developmentally very interesting effects:
- At the same location of the PV energy production food is produced with water-saving technology
- There are created sustainable jobs in developing countries and crisis zones
- At the same time there are created self -sufficiency in food and security of energy supply by photovoltaics
- Improving the level of skills of the people involved. Even at a later return the acquired knowledge will be used
- Creation of direct income for the refugees in the host country, thereby increasing motivation and the identification of those involved with the project, as well as relief public creditor
- Contribution to food production, thereby improving nutrition in refugee camps
- Support of sustainable energy by combining solar PV with the agricultural part of the project
- The concept is scalable. The project can be expanded with a corresponding multiplication of effects

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