Building green value chains together for prosperity and climate protection – Habeck and Özdemir visit Brazil and Colombia

Peter Schrum, SUNfarming founder and President of the German Renewable Mobility Association, accompanied the Minister of Economics and the Minister of Agriculture together with other business delegates.

Advancing economic and climate policy interests at the same time was the goal of Economics Minister Habeck and Agriculture Minister Özdemir in South America. The first stop on the six-day trip was Brazil.
Economics Minister Robert Habeck and Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir travelled to South America for six days - according to the Economics Ministry, primarily to intensify economic relations and climate cooperation with Brazil and Colombia.
Habeck announced his intention to build "green value chains for more prosperity and climate protection". The free trade agreement between the EU and the South American Mercosur states is also to be discussed.
The governments of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Colombian President Gustavo Petro "are committed to tackling the climate crisis and illegal deforestation and are consistently advancing decarbonisation", Habeck said. "We want to use this momentum to face the global challenges together as democracies and jointly build green value chains across the Atlantic for greater prosperity and climate protection."
"Brazil and Colombia, with their renewable energy potentials and significant raw material deposits, play a key role in global climate protection and the transformation of our economies towards green, sustainable models," Habeck further announced.

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