Another SUNfarming Food & Energy Training Centre will open in Gros Cailloux in August 2023.

SUNfarming Africa’s project has been implemented as part of the National Scheme for Emerging/Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies (NSEIRET) by the MARENA, Mauritius Renewable Energy Authority.
The goal is to build an agrivoltaic “Food & Energy Research and Training Centre” with an allocated capacity of 200 kWp over an area of 4500 m2 at Gros Cailloux.

An agrivoltaic project, which SUNfarming calls “Food & Energy”, combines high quality photovoltaic electricity generation and food production facilities (bio-horticulture and vegetable production by drip irrigation).

SUNfarming has designed special Food & Energy systems, made in Germany, that enable the cultivation of plants underneath solar panels, which will be installed at Gros Cailloux. This unique plant will be used as a research and training platform in cooperation with local partners in the field of modern agriculture and solar renewable energy.

SUNfarming has installed the agrivoltaic pilot plant of 200 kWp that is currently being commissioned with the CEB. Grid connection is expected to be done by the end of July 2023.

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