SUNfarming is represented at the MeLa for the first time with an Agri-PV system on a 1:1. scale.
62,300 interested people visited the Mela agricultural fair in Mühlengeez 2023.

"We offer solutions for farmers who want to keep cows on their fields, for example. Then you can put up our photovoltaic protective roofs, which let wind and sun through and protect against rain," says Uwe Brandt, SUNfarming Project Manager North-East Office. "So you can combine livestock farming and energy production and this dual use is also eligible for subsidies. For us, this year's Mela was a complete success. We were able to provide many interested farmers with the necessary knowledge about the products and establish a number of contacts," says Brandt. The response was very positive. "We would like to come back next year and present the photovoltaic roofs again," says the project developer.

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